ICYMI: NYTimes Reports Most Democrats Support TPP

In case you missed it -- Yesterday, The New York Times published an article highlighting the slew of polls that show Democratic voters across the country support international trade and the TPP in particular — quoting Progressive Coalition for American Jobs coalition member, Kasim Reed. Key excerpts:

Few issues in this campaign cycle seem as toxic as trade: Both major-party presidential candidates oppose President Obama’s 12-nation Trans- Pacific Partnership, and congressional leaders, having refused all year to vote on the trade accord until after the election, suggest they will not do so even then — potentially killing the largest regional trade pact in history.

So that must mean voters are overwhelmingly opposed, right? Wrong. 

National polls continue to show that Americans either narrowly favor international trade generally, and the so-called T.P.P. specifically, or are split. Younger voters are especially favorable... 

Democrats’ views are little changed. Among registered voters surveyed by Pew, 55 percent of supporters of Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee, said the Pacific pact would be a good thing (58 percent of Trump supporters said the opposite). And while Mrs. Clinton, under pressure from her anti-trade pact Democratic primary rival, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, came out in opposition to the T.P.P. in October, a Pew survey in March found that even 55 percent of Sanders supporters said trade agreements had been good for the country.

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