Statement of Mitch Stewart on New Poll Finding Clinton, Sanders Voters Support TPP

WASHINGTON – Progressive Coalition for American Jobs Senior Advisor Mitch Stewart released the following statement today in response to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs' national survey finding a majority of both Clinton and Sanders supporters are in favor of international trade and President Obama's trade deal, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP):

"Democrats have long been committed to growing America's middle-class, recognizing it as the backbone for a strong and enduring economy. And this poll shows that Democratic voters embrace international trade as a tool to further that cause. The poll shows that a clear majority of both Clinton and Sanders supporters see international trade as good for the U.S. economy (71% and 67% respectively), that it increases their standard of living (75% and 70% respectively), and support the most progressive trade agreement negotiated to date, the TPP (74% and 56% respectively)." 


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