ICYMI: President Obama at the North American Leaders Summit

In case you missed it -- This week, President Obama met with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto in Ottawa for the North American Leaders Summit. They made clear their mutual commitment to deeper economic cooperation and investment in the jobs of the future with the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

President Obama also addressed the rise of protectionist politics head-on:

“It seems as if we draw a line around our borders, that it will give us more control, particularly when the benefits of trade and economic integration is sometimes hard to see or easy to take for granted. And the very specific dislocations are obvious and real.

“There’s just one problem. Restricting trade or giving in to protectionism in this 21st century economy will not work. It will not work...”

"For those of us who truly believe that our economies have to work for everybody, the answer is not to try and pull back from our interconnected world. It is, rather, to engage with the rest of the world, to shape the rules so they're good for our workers and good for our businesses."

Listen or read President Obama’s full speech here.