Former DNC Chairman: TPP​ Protects Right to Regulate for Public Health,​ ​Strengthens ​Fight​ Against​ Tobacco Abuse

In case you missed it, Don Fowler, former chair of the Democratic National Committee, published an op-ed in The Hill on the TPP's support for tobacco control measures like plain packaging rules. Don Fowler is a member of the Progressive Coalition for American Jobs. Key excerpts below:

"[Smoking] isn’t just an American problem. It’s a worldwide pandemic, and it’s why the World Health Organization launched its “Get Ready for Plain Packaging” campaign for more effective health warnings on tobacco products around the globe. Warning labels have been proven to successfully reduce smoking rates, and plain packaging is the next step for a modern, comprehensive anti-tobacco program. But global adoption of plain packaging legislation faces steep challenges from the tobacco industry, from lobbying on the front end to litigation on the back end. Because tobacco is one of few products that kills when used as directed, it is important for the world to stand together and provide all tools necessary for countries to protect their citizens’ health. President Obama’s new trade deal, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), does just that."

Read the full piece online here