Former UN Ambassador Bill Richardson: Cost of Failing to Pass TPP Too High

In case you missed it, former UN Ambassador Bill Richardson published an op-ed in the Miami Herald yesterday on the economic and environmental costs of inaction on TPP. Ambassador Richardson is a member of the Progressive Coalition for American Jobs. 

Key excerpts below:

Climate change is undoubtedly the issue of our time. The actions of this generation will determine the quality of life for generations to come. I have spent my three decade long career in public service working towards a sustainable, clean energy future — helping negotiate the Kyoto Protocol as U.S. ambassador and pushing policy reforms as governor of New Mexico to transform it into the “Clean Energy State.”

TPP takes specific action to support climate change goals and is an opportunity to shape international trade, furthering not only our economic interests, but also our values.

The cost of not ratifying TPP goes beyond the dollar value in the ITC report. If Congress does not take action to pass TPP, we miss the opportunity to lay important groundwork for a green future, be a model for international cooperation, and secure our place as the global steward for climate change action.

Read the full piece online here.