Former Chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Charlie Gonzalez: Wages, not walls; trade, not Trump

In case you missed it -- former Chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and Progressive Coalition for American Jobs member Charlie Gonzalez penned an oped for the El Paso Times on Donald Trump's inflammatory and backwards rhetoric on trade and the cost of inaction for failing to pass TPP. 

Key excerpts below:

Many have watched Trump’s campaign unfold in disbelief, but now almost a year after his campaign began, the impact on our politics is undeniable. Trump’s campaign rhetoric has dangerously fused his anti-immigrant attitude with a protectionist, anti-trade approach.

If Congress fails to move forward on TPP, the cost of inaction is steep. The Peterson Institute for International Economics found that for every year TPP’s passage is delayed, the U.S. would lose $94 billion of income.

Rather than building walls, shuttering our borders, halting immigration, and stopping trade with other countries, the U.S. must seize this opportunity to shape the global economy and leverage more international trade in our favor. 

Read the full piece online here.