Trade Promotion Authority Supporters Win Big on Super Tuesday

WASHINGTON — In response to the news that four House Democrats who supported granting President Obama trade promotion authority easily won their primaries last night, Progressive Coalition for American Jobs Political Director Ramsey Reid issued the following statement:

"Last night, Democratic voters made clear what we've known all along — that the rank-and-file are firmly behind this President, and they support his progressive trade and enforcement agenda. Despite the prevailing narrative to the contrary, voters trust Democrats in Congress who stand with the White House to advocate for free and fair trade that boosts American jobs while extending unprecedented protections on labor rights and environmental conservation."

Polls have consistently shown that Democratic voters are likely to support trade and the Trans-Pacific Partnership by wide margins: 

  • A Gallup poll released last Friday shows 63 percent of Democrats see foreign trade as an opportunity. 
  • A Washington Post/ABC News poll conducted last fall showed Democratic voters support the TPP by a margin of 51-25. 
  • A NBC/Wall Street Journal poll from September found that Democrats support more international trade agreements by a 37 percent margin.
  • A Pew poll conducted last September found that 45 percent of Democratic primary voters wanted to expand trade agreements over 19 percent who opposed expansion.
  • A YouGov poll conducted last October found that 52 percent of Democrats support free trade versus 25 percent who did not.
  • A PCAJ poll from last year of Democratic likely voters found that 52 percent of Democrats supported the TPP, rising to 82 percent after hearing how this agreement would benefit the U.S. economy, American workers, human rights, and the environment. 68 percent of those surveyed said they were more likely to vote for a Member of Congress who supports TPP, while 75 percent said TPP would benefit the national economy.


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