Statement of Ambassador Ron Kirk on Congressman Beto O'Rourke TPP Town Hall

WASHINGTON – Progressive Coalition for American Jobs Advisory Board member, former Dallas Mayor and U.S. Trade Ambassador, Ron Kirk, issued the following statement today on Congressman Beto O'Rourke's successful town hall on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP):

"With the widespread support for international trade among voters, we are pleased that Congressman O'Rourke provided a platform for his constituents to engage on this important topic and discuss their support for the TPP. 

The economic case is clear — cutting 18,000 taxes on Made-in-America products to some of the fastest growing markets in the world will benefit the nearly two thousand El Paso businesses that already export goods to TPP countries. But the case for American leadership is also clear. TPP's unprecedented rules that streamline customs processes, ban unfair business practices by foreign state-owned enterprises, and enforces labor and environmental commitments, go beyond past trade agreements to promote free and fair trade. With U.S. leadership in shaping the rules of global trade, TPP will level the playing field for American workers, help new businesses enter the export trade, and grow better-paying trade-related jobs here at home while improving work conditions for 650 million people abroad.

The TPP is a clear boon for El Paso and improves the framework for global trade — constituents support it and so should Congress." 


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