ICYMI: PCAJ's Mayor Bob Buckhorn on RealClearPolitics

In case you missed it -- yesterday, Progressive Coalition for American Jobs coalition member, Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn, sat down with RealClearPolitics for their second installment of its "Powering the Debate" series. Mayor Buckhorn shared his thoughts on the current political climate and why he supports the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Key excerpts:

Bob Buckhorn is very keen on getting Hillary Clinton elected. He traveled to New Hampshire this past winter to campaign for her, and has been front-and-center at the three campaign events she’s held in Tampa during this election cycle. Yet when it comes to the Trans Pacific Partnership, Buckhorn says both Clinton and Donald Trump are dead wrong in opposing the controversial free trade pact.

“It is sad to see the demonization of trade,” Buckhorn continued. The TPP is a trade pact that aims to deepen economic ties between 12 nations (the U.S., Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Brunei, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Chile, and Peru) by slashing tariffs and fostering trade to boost growth. 

The deal is opposed by both forces on the political left and right, but Buckhorn is a strong advocate, saying it would eliminate 18,000 different tariffs and barriers, largely in the Far East where the U.S. has not previously engaged. “If we are not there setting the framework for labor agreements and for protection of intellectual properties, then China will step in and do it, and I can promise you that what they will deal with is not going to be nearly as good for the 11 countries in the TPP.”

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