ICYMI: The Future of Renewable Energy to TPP Countries

In case you missed it — yesterday, the International Trade Administration published this feature on the Trans-Pacific Partnership’s impact on U.S. exports of renewable energy products: increasing U.S. firms’ competitiveness so they can meet the rapidly-growing demand for green energy projects in the Asia-Pacific. Key excerpt:


“Thanks to the recently completed negotiations of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, once it’s enacted, exporters will no longer face many of these barriers when doing business in the 11 partner countries. The TPP will reduce the cost of exporting, increase competitiveness of U.S. firms, and promote fairness and transparency. For example, the renewable energy industry will save $24 million each year as countries such as Japan, New Zealand, Vietnam, and Brunei will eliminate import taxes on nearly all of U.S. energy products exports immediately once the agreement is enacted. The implementation of strong intellectual property rights protection and enforceable labor and environmental obligations will also bolster U.S. competitiveness in the TPP region.”

Read the full article here.