Trade will expand opportunity for U.S. workers


In late May, the U.S. Senate handed American workers a significant victory when it voted to give trade promotion authority to President Barack Obama. If approved through the House, this measure will empower America to negotiate 21st century trade agreements that expand opportunity for workers and their families.

That’s a major priority for elected leaders in every community — and of special importance among Latinos.

We’ve spent our careers working to lift up working families and helping to promote key issues for communities of color, including civil rights, education, immigration and jobs. We believe that trade is an important piece of the mission.

In our home states of Texas and New Mexico, the volume of our exports can be a determining factor in the health of our local economies and the opportunities available to workers of all colors.

Thanks to our strong ties to our trading partners south of the border and our own diverse populations, we have long understood the importance of expanding the markets available to Made in America products. And we’ve seen the impact of trade on small- and Latino-owned businesses that are the economic driver in many Texas and New Mexico communities.