Statement of Gov. Ed Rendell, Progressive Coalition for American Jobs Member

~ On Senate vote on trade promotion authority legislation ~

WASHINGTON – Progressive Coalition for American Jobs member Gov. Ed Rendell issued the following statement today regarding the vote in the U.S. Senate to approve trade promotion authority.

"The Senate’s decision to send trade promotion authority legislation to President Obama’s desk is a great victory for this important legislation that critics prematurely claimed as dead only two weeks ago.  TPA will allow the President to negotiate comprehensive agreements that will let the United States continue to lead on trade, while also protecting human rights, American wages, and the environment. 

"Our work is not done yet, however, until Congress passes a robust trade adjustment assistance renewal to help those workers who have been affected by globalization.  President Obama has said that TAA must be a part of any trade deal he signs, and it is encouraging that leading House Democrats have now publicly committed their support.  I look forward to Congress moving swiftly to pass TAA legislation and sending the full package to President Obama’s desk.”


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