Statement of Progressive Coalition for American Jobs Senior Advisor Mitch Stewart

On House votes on trade adjustment assistance and trade promotion authority legislation

WASHINGTON – Progressive Coalition for American Jobs senior advisor Mitch Stewart the following statement today regarding the votes in the U.S. House of Representatives on Trade Adjustment Assistance and Trade Promotion Authority. 

“While we are disappointed with the results of the House vote on trade adjustment assistance today, we are encouraged that members have voted to grant President Obama trade promotion authority.  This is not the first time that procedural hurdles have slowed down our progress on passing free and fair trade legislation.  Like we saw in the Senate, we are confident that leaders from both parties will come together to find a solution that will allow this crucial legislation to move forward, and we are pleased to see that another vote has already been scheduled for next week.

“Supporting working families is at the very foundation of the Democratic Party platform, and trade adjustment assistance is a critical element of our agenda. In fact, TAA has experienced near unanimous support from Democrats for more than four decades.  Allowing TAA to expire would harm the more than 100,000 workers who use the program annually, as well as slowing our overall economic growth.  It is inconceivable that progressives would allow TAA to lapse, and that is why we are confident that the House will find a way to advance this legislation, and with it to move trade promotion authority to the President’s desk.


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