Statement of Governor Christine Gregoire

On Senate Approval of Trade Promotion Authority

WASHINGTON – Former Washington Governor Christine Gregoire issued the following statement in response to the news the United States Senate voted today to approve the Bipartisan Congressional Trade Priorities and Accountability Act of 2015. Governor Gregoire is a member of the Advisory Board of the Progressive Coalition for American Jobs.

“We commend the United States Senate for voting to give President Obama trade promotion authority. Their vote and the substantive discourse on this issue to date lays the foundation for similar progress in the House, where a growing number of congressional leaders are voicing their support for this important legislation.

“As Governor, I witnessed the direct benefits of trade on the economy – including providing opportunities for more small businesses and adding more good-paying jobs. My home state of Washington is now among the most trade-dependent, with 390,000 jobs supported by trade just last year. Now, with the majority of the world’s markets beyond our borders and an increasingly connected global economy, it’s more critical than ever that America set the rules on free and fair trade that will support jobs and safeguard our environment for generations to come.

“As the discussions move to the House, we are confident that Congress will grant President Obama the authority to negotiate modern trade deals that will protect American workers and the environment.”


The Progressive Coalition for American Jobs brings together progressives and Democrats committed to leveling the playing field for American workers and building a stronger economy for all of us.