WATCH: Ed Rendell on Hardball discussing trade

‘It’s time for the Senators to do what’s right for their people’

In case you missed it – Ed Rendell, former Pennsylvania governor and member of the Progressive Coalition for American Jobs joined MSNBC’s Chris Matthews on Hardball last night to discuss the latest news on trade promotion authority.

Key excerpts follow:

“In most cases expanded trade helps the mid-sized and smaller companies who don’t do trade and who are exposed to trade for the first time and who see those tariffs, those barriers knocked down.”

“There was a recent poll that showed … Democrats overwhelmingly support expanded trade and think it’s good for the economy.”

Your job is to vote on the merits of the bill – is it good for the American people. And I was on with Sherrod Brown, and I pointed out that five of Ohio’s most important industries face tariffs from 30 to 70 percent in most of those Asian countries – tariffs that will be totally removed. And those Ohio businesses who want to do trade will see the numbers and the dollars skyrocket. And so it’s time for the Senators to do what’s right for their people and their constituency. Not for a slice of the Party but for the people of the states they represent.”

A nationwide poll of Democrats released in late April by the Progressive Coalition for American Jobs found that 89% of respondents believe it is important for the United States economy that American companies sell products to other countries. The poll also showed Democrats trust President Obama over Congress to represent their values in trade negotiations by a wide margin – 64% to 24%. Additionally, 64% of respondents surveyed support giving trade promotion authority to the President, rising to 78% after hearing about how it would impact negotiating and finalizing trade agreements.

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