Progressive Coalition for American Jobs Advisory Board Says President Obama Makes Clear Case for Free and Fair Trade

WASHINGTON – The Advisory Board of the Progressive Coalition for American Jobs – former Washington Governor Christine Gregoire, former U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk, and former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick – issued the following statement today on remarks made by President Obama during his interview with MSNBC's Chris Matthews last night:

"Progressives want and work for economic growth because we believe we need to expand opportunity. In today's connected, globalized economy, if we want to continue to grow our economy, we must embrace trade. The United States cannot lead the world if it refuses to engage it.

"Last night President Obama laid out a solid case for free and fair trade. His administration has pursued robust pro-growth policies that support millions of jobs here at home while also protecting American workers and our planet. This is the next in a series of such policies.

"Progressive opponents raise important questions about the scope of worker and environmental protections and the unintended consequences of past trade agreements. That's why it is important that we give this President the authority to shape trade deals that protect our environment and that level the playing field for American workers so that we can ensure that they have access to good, high-paying, 21st century jobs."


The Progressive Coalition for American Jobs brings together progressives and Democrats committed to leveling the playing field for American workers and building a stronger economy for all of us. 

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