Ed Rendell: Approve the trade deal, The Trans-Pacific Partnership makes sense for the U.S.

In case you missed it -- the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette published an op-ed from former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell in support of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Governor Rendell is one of more than a dozen former Democratic governors working with the Progressive Coalition for American Jobs to advocate for free and fair trade. Following is an excerpt from the op-ed: 

The TPP reaffirms our commitment to progressive values: requiring TPP nations sending goods to the United States to follow fair wage practices and ensure workplace safety and robust environmental protections. These provisions would keep American companies from being undercut by weak policies that threaten their ability to participate in global trade and protect American workers, their families and their jobs.

American businesses, consumers and workers need strong, progressive trade agreements that expand opportunity for Americans investing abroad while protecting the environment, labor rights and wages. If the United States does not lead on trade, we would be forced to abide by rules written without a strong voice advocating for American workers or American values. That’s why I stand by President Obama’s effort to craft a 21st-century trade deal for a 21st-century economy and why I’m urging Congress to pass this deal.

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