Governor Jim Doyle in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Trade deal offers unprecedented expansion of labor rights

In case you missed it — the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published an op-ed from former Wisconsin governor Jim Doyle in support of the recently finalized Trans-Pacific Partnership. Governor Doyle is one of more than a dozen former Democratic governors working with the Progressive Coalition for American Jobs to advocate for free and fair trade. Following is an excerpt from the op-ed: 

We need to protect American workers and American jobs by avoiding a race to the bottom in labor standards with our international trading partners. To that end, the TPP will create the largest expansion of labor rights ever, extending tough, new standards to 650 million workers throughout all 11 other TPP countries. The TPP is a major step forward in the movement toward social and economic justice across the globe, all while strengthening our own middle class so that working families in the United States can compete on a level playing field.

You can read the full op-ed online here